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We are a photography company with photographic studios in Leeds, Yorkshire and are always looking to develop our services and skills for our varied client base and are constantly looking for improved ways of marketing ourselves.

Enable commentluv and this site works with keywordluv. have been added.

The most effective way we have found of improving our marketing has been by building our web site ourselves from scratch and working with a variety of SEO techniques to ensure that any potential clients out there find our information when they searching on-line.

As this is a never ending and constantly developing task, we are always interested to understand how other similar companies go about their own on-line marketing development.

The most successful area of our on-line marketing has been with our wedding photography. Other areas do well also, such as our Family Portraits and our Modelling Photo Shoots. We are now attracting many visitors a day to each of these specific areas and receive several on-line enquiry forms filled out by potential clients every day.

Converting these enquiries into satisfied paying customers is obviously then the main task of our business and we do this with some reasonable success, so it would appear that our key to growth is by increasing our web site visitor count.

Sure, we get good levels of repeat business by way of satisfied customers and their recommendations to others, but this tends to be, although very effective, a long term benefit and we are looking for some near instant results from our web site enquiries.

So, to assist with our SEO, our page rank etc. we have introduced both “this site uses Keywordluv.” and “Enable commentluv.” to our wedding photography site to see how things go.

If you would like to benefit from either of these services on our web site, then you can do so at this first post about Wedding Photography which includes keywordluv and commentluv. If you provide a valued comment and use the keywordluv. facility correctly, you too will feel the benefit from joining in by receiving a valuable link back to your blog.

We will see how it goes.

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